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About Redemer Concepts

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Tom and Aimii Redemer

Tom and Aimii Redemer
(with daughter Addie)

The fundamental belief is in fast delivery of any project taken on. Speed means less expense to the client. It also means that you will have your job ready when you need it.

Under usual circumstances no more than 3 or 4 days are necessary for the completion of artwork. Clients enjoy a very high success rate of generating what was expected on the first effort and usually only minor revisions are needed to complete the design process. Artwork is completed when promised to avoid inconvenient delays. The ultimate goal is clean, professional advertising materials and satisfied clients. Dependabilty and down to earth are unusual artistic talents plentiful at Redemer Concepts.

You are assured to be pleasantly surprised with the quality we offer. The savings are unquestionable when compared to large overhead advertising and design companies. The fast turn around is a necessity in a fast paced world. Redemer Concepts puts it all at your finger tips. Let us work together on your next project to make your vision become a reality.

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